Countercurrent Regeneration Filter
Countercurrent Regeneration Filter
Countercurrent Regeneration Filter
As the largest Countercurrent Regeneration Filter manufacturer in china, sales quality Countercurrent Regeneration Filter to customers all over the world.
It could offer pure water and regenerate water when water follows in direction opposite to the agent. The regeneration agent costs less and water quality is guaranteed. It could be divided into 3 types which are gas top pressure, water top pressure and no top pressure. Different types could be chosen because different stuff and strong or weak resin could be used according to purposes.

In the running process, the raw water first contact is the upper exchange resin which is easy to fail(it is called failure layer). when water comes down further, water will contact the middle part of the exchange resin, and conduct ion exchange. The water quality basically reached the requirements, and finally follows through the protective layer.

In the process of countercurrent regeneration, regeneration liquid is first contact protection film which will be regenerated easily. Then water will goes through working layer and failure layer. So renewable liquid from bottom to top, regeneration layer first, then the work layer, the last layer of recycling waste liquid to failure, thus the utilization of renewable liquid is higher, less regenerated liquid is consumed.

The bottom of the resin regeneration is very complete, and water hardness is better. It improves water quality and reduces the amount of regeneration agent.

If user choose downstream regeneration, the regeneration liquid will start from the failure layer,and the concentration of the regeneration liquid is relatively low when it reaches the working layer and the protective layer. Downstream regeneration needs a large amount of regeneration liquid to regenerate, so that not only the lower resin can not get very good regeneration, but also a large amount of regeneration liquid is waste.

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