Mixed ion exchanger
Mixed ion exchanger
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Mixed ion exchanger (referred to as mixed bed) in the water treatment system is used to remove dissolved substances,  which is equipped with strong acid and strong base ion exchange resin. After passing through the mixed bed, the primary desalination obtains pure water with conductance ≤0.2us/cm and 5I0z ≤0.02mg/L, which can work as the supply water for ultra-high pressure steel furnace or DC steel furnace.

The equipment can also be used in electronics, medicine, papermaking, chemical, nuclear energy and other industries and food liquid, Gandy, polyethanol purification. When the salt of raw water is low and the water is not large, the mixed bed can also be used separately for desalination.
Mixed ion exchanger is to place the negative and positive ion exchange resin in the same exchange, and in the operation these resins will be mixed evenly. The negative and positive ion exchange resin in a uniform mixing state, will mutually contact and arranged, so each pair of adjacent resin can be regarded as a complex bed. The whole mixed bed by many levels will form continuous superposition. The series of a mixed bed can reach 1000-2000. In the mixed bed, the H+ ions generated by the exchange of positive resin and the OH- ions generated by the exchange of negative resin are immediately neutralized, and there is no interference of counterions, so the ion exchange reaction is very thorough, and the effluent purity is very high. 

It has the following characteristics:
High effluent purity;
The effluent water quality is stable;
The end point of exchange is obvious;
Discontinuous operation has little effect on effluent quality
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