Automatic Sodium Ion Exchanger
Automatic Sodium Ion Exchanger
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Automatic softener is used for water softening, to remove calcium, magnesium plasma (water hardness below 0.03mmol/L). It can be used in boiler water, chemical industry, textile, printing, brewing and other industries to prepare soft water and central air conditioning system circulation cooling water. The exchange agent is strong acid cation exchange resin. The water produced by the sodium ion softener enters the production tank and is conveyed to the water point by the pure water pump.

The Cl root is basically unchanged and the hardness can be reduced or even reduced to zero.
Constant alkalinity: after being softened by sodium ions, the amount of carbonate hardness and other substances is converted into sodium bicarbonate. The total salt content increased slightly.
Sodium ion exchanger in sodium ion exchange resin adsorption of calcium and magnesium ion saturation, then the exchange failure, in the actual operation process, this failure process is changed.
When the exchange capacity of sodium ion exchange resin is less, the water hardness begins to increase, and it completely fails in a very short time. The hardness of the produced water is equal to that of the raw water, so it needs to be regenerated immediately.
The automatic control, "silly machine", "rest assured machine".
The equipment has strong adaptability, for high hardness water (≤20mmol/L), the residual hardness of water after a softening is ≤0.03mmol/L.
The equipment has the advantages of light weight, small occupation area, easy installation and operation. Operators connect the inlet and outlet water pipe and power supply, and the machine can start up and produce water.
Adopt back pressure salt supply system, no need to set up salt tank, salt pump, pressure salt dissolving device and metering box.
Long service life, due to the reasonable design of the valve structure, the service life of the original automatic switcher is extended by 1 times.
Compared with similar products, the equipment has remarkable energy-saving effect, saving investment by 50%, saving salt by 30%, saving cleaning water by 60%, and reducing environmental pollution.
The equipment could work jointly as it is consisted of two or four floating beds. Two columns in one group work synchronously (two columns can be regarded as a column). The technological process of each bed (each group) is as follows: water production loose bed regeneration, small cleaning, large cleaning, water production...... Work in cycles. When one bed (group) is running, the other bed (group) is in the auxiliary operation. Water production is continuous. 
Each exchange column is controlled by a double-layer valve, the upper pipe is connected to the upper valve, and the lower pipe is connected to the lower valve. The upper and lower valves are driven by the cross shaft to operate synchronously to control the change of working conditions of each bed. The structure of the valve is free of eccentric wear. No salt in the non-salt cycle valve body, reduces corrosion. Its life is longer than Deng's invention before the ZDF series is greatly extended, is the product of its modification. This equipment is easy to operate, just press the button when starting or stopping, water, salt, circuit are on or off, the possibility of error-free operation.
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