High Efficiency Fiber Filter
High Efficiency Fiber Filter
As the largest High Efficiency Fiber Filter manufacturer in china, sales quality High Efficiency Fiber Filter to customers all over the world.
The high efficiency fiber filter is a kind of water filtration device with new structure. This filter is based on the principle of fluid mechanics. Its characteristics is integration of the advantages of sand filter and capsule type fiber filter. It combines the fiber filter advantages such smaller resistance, the larger flow rate, higher,filtration precision,longer service life and sand filter’s simpler operation.

It can remove sediment, suspended particulate and absorb part of the organic; The high efficiency fiber filter adopts air scrubbing and periodic alkali washing to reduce the COD, BOD, chroma and turbidity content of the system. 

This filter is to use raw water to compress the fiber filter material, so it does not need any external pressure tightening mechanism, so it is simple, practical, and not easy to damage. It is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, coal, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, food, wine, electronics, cosmetics and other industries. Its water process tech is used in boiler water treatment, industrial sewage, domestic water, bathing pool, swimming pool and others.

Its characteristics is advanced structure, simple operation, stable operation, large output, fast flow rate, high filtration accuracy, good cleaning effect, low water consumption rate, and long operation cycle. Its intercepting capacity is more than 4 times higher than that of quartz sand filter.
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