Pure Water Equipment
Pure Water Equipment
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ts out shell is stainless steel. Inner is melt blown PP, WS, folding, titanium filter and activated carbon. It could meet different water quality requirement because its filter parts and design could be adjusted. Its filter bag and frame filter parts are widely used in many areas such as fine chemicals, food, medicine and water process fields. It removes out 100% the 0.01um of moisture, oil fog, physical particles. The density could be controlled below 0.01ppm/wt. It is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight. User could choose plastic or aluminium shell. Its life is long as it could purify water by 3 stages. 

Security Filter Filtering Mechanism

  • The dirt and impurities blocked by the working safety filter in the filter surface form a "bridge" , using the dirt particles, will intercept impurity, and filtration efficiency will increase with the time extension and run. But with the running time, the filtration precision, the import and export pressure difference increased gradually. When the pressure difference is too large, Impurities and dirt will be pressed into the deep layer of the filter element, which will worsen the water quality. In order to improve the water quality, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter should be removed and replaced when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter reaches 0.1MPa.

  • The filter element can be used for more than 3-6 months under normal working conditions.

Security filter characteristics

  • Security filter adopts corrosion-resistant SUS304 stainless steel shell, filter element adopts large flow PP filter element.
  • The structure of the security filter can meet the requirement of quick change of filter element.
  • A drain valve is provided on the water pipe entering the security strainer.
  • The filtration speed of the filter element surface of the security filter shall not be greater than 10m3/m2·h (measured by the surface area of the filter element)
  • The filter element filter precision of the security filter is 5μm (1μm).
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