ACF Activated carbon filter
ACF Activated carbon filter
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Activated carbon filter ACF is quartz sand, activated carbon as filter material, and to mainly remove the active chlorine, color, microorganisms, organic matter and other harmful substances in water. Oxygen in surface water is high so active carbon is used to shelter water process press.  For the reverse osmosis device, excessive organic matter and microorganisms will be attached to the membrane surface and permeable grid of the reverse osmosis membrane element, leading to adverse consequences such as reduced water yield of the reverse osmosis device, increased pressure difference between stages and frequent chemical cleaning. 

The activated carbon filter also plays an adsorption role (the adsorption rate is 100%), which greatly enhances the safety of the reverse osmosis system (because the reverse osmosis device requires less than 0.1ppm of free chlorine, and too much free chlorine oxidizes the reverse osmosis membrane without being affected by the water temperature, pH value and organic mixture.

Performance Of Activated Carbon Filter

  • It can effectively remove low molecular organic matter and free chlorine in water, and can effectively prevent organic matter pollution from reverse osmosis.

  • Unique uniform distribution of water, so that the filtration to achieve the maximum effect, can meet the long-term reverse osmosis membrane on organic pollution requirements. With backwash device, strong ability, short time, low water consumption.

  • Because activated carbon in the process of the main adsorption of organic matter in the water, residual chlorine and part of iron, manganese, due to the small proportion of the filter material, backwashing strength of 7 ~ 14L/m2 s, filter material backwashing expansion rate of 20 ~ 40%, backwashing should choose a low flow rate, in order to prevent activated carbon with the backwashing when washed away with the water.

  • Activated carbon filter material (activated carbon) replacement cycle with effluent residual chlorine content of 0.05ppm and organic matter content of CODCr <1.5mg/L, the two indexes are determined.The effluent quality should be monitored regularly.

Backwash Of Activated Carbon Filter

  • The filter is automatically backwashed sequentially according to the pressure difference or timing to restore the filter performance. After a long time of operation, the filter needs to be combined with water backwashing and air scrubbing. The filter is equipped with a Roots fan to provide air source.

  • When the pressure difference of the filter reaches the set value, or when the water quantity is reached, the filter should be backwashed in order to restore the filter performance. The backwash water of the filter is raw water, and the backwash water is provided by the backwash pump. Meter configuration includes backwash water flowmeter, backwash water outlet pressure gauge.

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