Iron and manganese removal filter
Iron and manganese removal filter
Iron and manganese removal filter
As the largest Iron and manganese removal filter manufacturer in china, sales quality Iron and manganese removal filter to customers all over the world.
This equipment is suitable for underground water skin iron, pressure filter, filled with natural manganese sand, after the water iron content <0.3mg/L. It can be used when the iron content of raw water is less than 2.0mg/L and the manganese content is less than 1.5mg/L.
Original water gas - single - stage filter removal of iron and manganese
When the amount and content of iron hydrate exceed the above values, the following can be used:

The original water vapor → oxidation → a filtration in addition to iron → secondary filtration in addition to manganese.

The equipment uses natural manganese sand as filter medium, using oxygen in the air as oxidant process. After full gas and mixing reaction of local water, the manganese sand layer, on the one hand, plays a catalytic oxidation effect on iron in water to accelerate the oxidation of ferric iron in water to ferric iron; on the other hand, it plays a retaining and separating role, separating iron from water and retaining it in the pure layer, so as to achieve the purpose of iron removal.
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