Membrane bioreactor ,MBR
Membrane bioreactor ,MBR
As the largest Membrane bioreactor ,MBR manufacturer in china, sales quality Membrane bioreactor ,MBR to customers all over the world.
MBR is new tech which combines well the membrane technology with biotreatment technology. It could retain substance and clay from aerobic biological pools. So its live clay MLSS inside the system and clay life could be 2-4times higher. Water stay time (HRT) will be shortened. Those hard to be degraded would be degraded inside the pool. MBR has developed 10 years already in China. MBR has gathered the lights from globe too. 

MBR could process contaminated water and reuse the treated water. Water from MBR is clean, cost is lower. It could resist strong impact. Less clay could be drained. Automatic level is higher. As integrated water process system, it occupies less land. It could work in small water treatment project, and large project as the key too. So it is promising. 
Ultrafilter process for medium water treatment is new, which combines membrane separation technology and biological technology. It uses membrane separation equipment to trap the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank, so no need to build sedimentation tank. As a result, the concentration of activated sludge is increased, the hydraulic residence time (HRT) and sludge residence time (SRT) can be controlled separately, and the refractory substances are constantly reacting and degrading in the reactor. Therefore, the ultrafilter process for advanced treatment of medium water has greatly enhanced the function of bioreactor through membrane separation technology. Compared with the traditional biological treatment method, it is one of the most promising new technologies.
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