Laboratory Of Shang Hai Jiaotong University

  •  Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in     China. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education and       co-   built by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai. Through the construction of   the   National 211 Project and 985 Project and the Double First-class Project, it has   brought together increasing more talents. We have built cooperation with the     school in 2011.

Watershed Pollution Control Research Centre Of Fudan Universtiy

  • Fudan University Basin Pollution Control Research Center focuses on environment, materials, biology, economy, law and other multidisciplinary advantages, aiming to establish a watershed pollution control, environmental protection and ecological restoration engineering industry integration technology research and development platform. It gathers and trains talents, and promotes the intersection of disciplines and the active innovation of the mechanism system, and builds an international first-class discipline platform, which integrates the creation, cultivation, and development of water scientific and technological achievements. We have built cooperation with the center in 2013.

The Company And Israel -ATZ Technology Company To Establish A Long-Term Friendly Relations Of Cooper

  • Joshi Azmon, President of ATZ Company in Israel, was hired as the Deputy Technical Director to be responsible for the development and guidance of key technology projects of multi-stage biological water treatment.

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