Water Drainage System Characters Of Sewage Water Process System

Water Drainage System Characters Of Sewage Water Process System

Introduction of water drainage system

  • The water drainage system should match with the neighbor sewage area and flood drainage system.
  • Right process of sludge and generation of sewage process agent.
  • take sewage together and process them at once.
  • Modify the original water process project and take full use of its function.

How to maintain sewage water process system?

  • Tools, workpieces and accessories are placed in order; The safety protection device, integrity of line and pipeline are complete;
  • Oil change on time, oil quality meet the requirements; Oil can, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum and oil line are clean complete. Oil mark is bright and oil road is smooth.
  • Workers should Implement the system, machine and shift; Be familiar with the equipment structure and abide by the operating rules, use the equipment reasonably, maintain the equipment carefully and prevent accidents.
  • Domestic sewage treatment equipment internal and external should be cleaned; no damage and oil on the sliding surface, lead screw, gear, and rack; Each part does not leak oil, water, gas, and electricity; the debris garbage is cleaned up.

Principle of Sewage water process

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  • all action should be done according to environment law and principle.
  • Action should be based on company situation to play its use in society, environment and economic.
  • It should create good conditions for sustainable development of the company.
  • In its design, the sewage treatment equipment and automatic instrument suitable for the national conditions should be taken first. Reliable technology, efficient operation, convenient management and simple maintenance are goal too.
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